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Check our Facebook or Twitter for up to date info on future workshops.

Full Ammo has shows every other Friday at 7pm in Room 6 of the Theatre Building. On every Friday when there is no show, there will be an open improv workshop at 5pm, typically in 112 Chambers. All majors/experience levels are welcome. You could even just come and watch. Heckle us. Sketch us. Have a presence. We’ll appreciate your energy and aura and stuff.


October 13, 2017

That's right, funny people! It's time for another improv workshop and we have some fun games up our sleeve for this one. Lots of exciting news that you won't want to miss...


September 29, 2017

Come to an amazing FREE improv workshop! 

If you like seeing, you'll love doing it. Afterwards, join us for some Standup Comedy!!!!

Chambers @ 5PM

September 15, 2017

Improv workshop. Meet in the Chambers lobby at 5PM

August 29, 2017

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

The time we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. It is your chance to audition for Full Ammo Improv. 

Come out on Tuesday for a fun workshop (7pm - Room 6)! If you're interested in auditioning, the workshop is a great way to prep and get to know the members of the troupe.

Wednesday, auditions will be held in Room 6 (7pm - Room 6). Be ready to move, have fun, and give us all you got. Can't wait to see all of you rock it!

Until then,
Full Ammo

April 14, 2017

Come hang with us at this free work shop to learn how to do some cool improv stuff!!!! 5 pm in 112 Chambers

February 17, 2017

"You can learn improv if you come to a workshop"
FREE improv workshop, come hang out and hang with us before you hangout with the kids at THON this weekend
if you can't make it don't worry we'll have another one in two weeks! (i think, if my calendar is correct) 
ily see you there

February 03, 2017

OH. YES. come to this workshop to learn how to finesse the improv in the same elaborate way that salt bae finesses the meat! It's free and fun and a great start to your weekend!
There will be no slapping or salt but still come if you like comedy and meat.

Shhh I'm Living A Double Life!

December 02, 2016

Sweet nibblets! You've got the best of both worlds!!! Improv and stand up in ONE NIGHT. which will you chose? WELL just like Miley/Hannah in the hit tv show Hannah Montana, YOU DONT HAVE TO CHOSE. Life's what you make it, so let's make it rock. Come to this improv workshop at 5 pm in room 6 Theater and then follow us over to 113 Carnegie for the Alumni Stand up show!! ~life's a climb, but the view is great~

Woke AF Workshop

November 11, 2016

wake tf up we're having a workshop on friday. come play with fellow penn staters & ur fav boos full ammo improv. free & fun!!!

Improv Workshop

October 28, 2016

Come playyyyyy with us Danny

Jk don't worry, we're just gonna have some fun doing improv! No creepy twins, red rum, or axes will be at this free open workshop, even though it is the start of Halloweekend. 
Bring your friends and frenemies, see you in 112 Chambers �

Open Improv Workshop

September 16, 2016

Hey everyone! Full Ammo Improv wants you to come out and improvise with us! Open to anyone and everyone (as long as you're a student) and it's free obvi. It's a fun, nonjudgemental, experimental, creative, welcoming and inclusive environment so come out if you want to dabble in the art of "not thinking"


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