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Jeff Kornberg founded the Full Ammo Improv Troupe in 2004, remaining as president through 2008. After graduation, he moved to New York City where he worked in production for places like MTV, NBC, Comedy Central,, and Fuse. His musical comedy album “Hello!” was released in 2012 at He executive produced the feature length film “Goodnight Brooklyn: The Story of Death By Audio” which was 1 of 10 documentaries selected to premiere at the 2016 SXSW Film Festival. He is currently a Senior Producer at Conde Nast Entertainment, creating digital videos for the likes of Vanity Fair, WIRED, Bon Appetit, Glamour, and more.

Johnathan was on the inaugural Full Ammo Improv troupe. At the time, Penn State did not have any type of improv team, and in retrospect, it's quite amazing that this ragtag bunch got together to do short form improv a la Whose Line is it Anyway? Since graduating from Penn State, Johnathan Fernandez has become a full time actor and comedian. He is currently a series regular on FOX's buddy cop show LETHAL WEAPON, playing the character known as 'Scorsese', the hipster medical examiner. For 7 years he performed regularly at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NY on several sketch and video teams, one of which was legendary sketch team Stone Cold Fox. He has also been seen on GIRLS, Younger, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, The Daily show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, the film The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, a lot of Improv Everywhere videos, and a slew of commercials.

Johnna Scrabis is a writer, improviser, and teacher at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. In 2016, Johnna's show idea, Unhappy Epilogues, was one of the few selected submissions to pitch to networks at the Just For Laughs Montreal comedy festival. Johnna also attended the 2016 New York International Short Film Festival as the lead in the comedy short A Chick Called Wanda, which won best comedy. Johnna has also written and performed on the political late night show, NY2: We’re Also the News, as well as Everyone's Favorite Game Show (seen at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre). Johnna has written and directed sketches for Ibish Comedy and has written for the small-town political parody digital series Seppuwa Falls for Channel 101. Johnna was a member of FAI for four years, a treasurer for some of those, and one of the co-creators of the very first RAWR, which was held in 2010 at The Pavilion Theatre. Johnna credits Full Ammo Improv with all of her friends and the reason that she moved to New York. 

Sarah Burton was a member of Full Ammo Improv from 2006-2010. If you recognize her, it's because you've seen her on the Internet, where she writes/produces humor content for BuzzFeed. Or it could be just because she's a very generic white girl and therefore feels vaguely familiar. Sarah currently performs at UCB Harold Night with whatever team she's currently on (she's been on 7 different teams in 5 years). She has also spent time as a writer on Maude Night, and later the UCB house sketch team One Idiot, where she co-wrote "This Murder," a Making A Murderer parody. She's also spent time as writer/perform for various late night shows such as Everyone's Favorite Game Show! and Showtime with Anthony Appruzzese. Outside of UCB, she was selected for the NBC Late Night Writer's Program. Sarah graduated Penn State in 2010 with a ton of pointless degrees. Her most meaningful time was spent in classrooms at night rehearsing with Full Ammo and NRT. And to think, she almost didn't do Full Ammo because they rehearsed the same night as Mock Trial. Bitch, please.

Ryan Simmons

Ryan is a director and producer in Astoria, NY, and was a member of Full Ammo Improv all four years of his college career ('06-'09) and also served as president his senior year. He created Everyone's Favorite Game Show, which ran at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York for 2 and 1/2 years and is currently in development for television. He's also the creator and one third of the writing team behind News From the Front, a web series that frames Trump administration news as an old-time newsreel. All of his tweets are amazing.

J. Tom Pogue

In his Jr/Sr years at Penn State, Tom was lucky enough to be a part of the 2007-2008 Full Ammo cast. After graduating with a theatre degree, he moved to New York to pursue a career in film and television – unlike anyone has done before! Tom is part of the indie improv team Rocky Vee and sketch comedy troupe Ibish, both consisting of PSU and Full Ammo alums, while producing/directing shows for such networks as Comedy Central, National Geographic, History Channel, and Investigation Discovery. Currently he is a Producer/Director at Red Marble Media and a part-time writer for Marvel Comics’ YouTube comedy series ‘Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!’. He, his wife, and their cat Marty McFly, now reside in New Jersey and are expecting a baby Pogue in Summer of 2017. Tom has Full Ammo to thank for some of his closest dearest friends today.

Victoria Longwell

Victoria was a member of Full Ammo Improv from 2009-2010. She graduated from the PSU School of Theatre and went on to become a member of a touring company for the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ. Victoria now lives in Los Angeles where she performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater with her Harold Team, DiCaprio. She is also a proud member of the LA indie team, Nevada Pajamas, and one half of the sketch duo, Prudence.

Jeremy Rubenstein was one of Full Ammo Improv’s founding members. He graduated penn state with degrees in Journalism, Theater, and History. He’s studied clowning in South Paris where holds a certificate in eccentric performance, as well as studying pizza making, where he is a masterpizzaoleo. Since graduating Jeremy has become an educator, producer, and social entrepreneur. In 2008 he founded Box Out Bullying, a nationally acclaimed bullying prevention assembly program, that combines improv, live theater, reasearched based bulying prevention techniques, and more. He has been published in several academic periodicals on the topics of bystander empowerment and creating empathy among students drawing from his eight years of classroom teaching experience. He has delivered hundreds of workshops across the United States and Internationally, and Jeremy was honored by being invited to appear at the White House by former President Barak Obama for the President’s Summit on Bullying Prevention. For more information check out

Ashley was a member of Full Ammo from 2009-2010 (and a minuscule part of 2011 before a baby got involved). Never has she felt so alive as she did during the days when she could perform characters like a conjoined twin or crazed Southern belle in room 6 and have it be respected as art.  Primarily a painter (by circumstance, if she gets brave she will check out the improv scene in Harrisburg) she credits Full Ammo with a shift in her artwork pushing it to be more spontaneous and process driven.  Life after PSU finds Ashley well as she lives in the "Sweetest Place on Earth!" Hershey PA! Her artwork can most recently be found in the film The Far Field in the form of  a magazine collage world. The film was created along side fellow PSU film makers and earned a spot at the 2016 Nantucket Film Festival. Ashley is currently working from her home studio exploring the relationship of architecture and permanence. 

In a true coming-of-age tale, Eleanor Skrzat was unwittingly admitted into Full Ammo Improv in the fall of 2010. She is credited with designing many of Full Ammo's early marketing materials to compensate for her lack of direction and stage presence. She served as President in 2013-2014 for a quiet term that resulted in a surplus of funding. Eleanor relocated to New York City after graduation and now writes for Comedy Central. She is a part of their Brand Creative department, composing promos, tweets, makings GIFS, taking Snapchats, etc.

Satchel Dennis

Satchel is a former member of Full Ammo Improv and a theatre graduate from Penn State University. Satchel currently lives in Los Angeles where he is a teaching artist for CRE Outreach, a performing arts program for undeserved youth in the East Los Angeles area. Satchel has been fortunate enough to also be working actor. His most recent TV appearances include: DEADLY WIVES, 99 PERCENT GANG and CLASS:THE WEB-SERIES. Other Theatre Credits include: The BREAK-UP (Fringe Theatre); DETRIOT ’67 (Courage Theatre); JITNEY (American Stage) ; JOE TURNER’S Come & Gone (American Stage) and PRAY TO BALL (Skylight Theatre).

Jaime Castillo

Jaime Castillo was one of Full Ammo Improv’s inaugural members. After graduating from Penn State, Jaime obtained his Master’s degree in School Counseling at the University of Scranton. While at Scranton, he founded the university’s first longform improv club “Kirschheimer!”. During this time, Jaime trained and was a member of the house team at the Chris Barnes Comedy Dojo. Jaime was a founding member of Scranton’s premiere improv group “Here We Are in Spain” who just celebrated 10 years! In 2008, Jaime moved to New York City to train and perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. From 2012-2016, Jaime was the coach of “Zamboni Revolution,” Syracuse University’s longform team while earning his PhD. Jaime has performed with his kick ass improv group Johnny Cash Money since 2009. Currently, Jaime is an Assistant Professor of Counseling at Alfred University. He utilizes improv techniques and theory to teach counseling skills in his classes and professional conferences. 

Richie Whitehead

Richie joined Full Ammo in the spring of 2013. After one semester of some of the greatest camaraderie, belonging and creative exploration of his life and the revival of Rawr II, he wistfully transferred to Brown University. He currently lives in Providence, RI where he performs and teaches at the Providence Improv Guild. Ever in the pursuit of having fun on stage and making people laugh, he is currently training in Shakespeare, Clown, and other forms of physical theatre and devising work.

Paige's first audition for Full Ammo, in the Fall of 2012, went poorly. The second audition went better, and Paige joined Full Ammo in the Spring of 2013. As the troupe's Masonic leader, Paige brought about an era of occult magic and ritual sacrifice. She was the Rasputin to President Skrzat's Tsarina. Paige moved to New York City in 2015, where she cared for the prophetic Eldest Child of an elite Brooklyn family. Upon her arrival in New York she began classes with the Upright Citizens Brigade, where she now farts up advanced classes. Currently, Paige is the assistant to a Carmen Sandiego type, and a member of the indie teams With Wings and Old Time Religion (with fellow alumni Pat Feehan and Zack Martin). She also hosts a radio show called Talk Therapy on with her comedy partner Sellers Webb.

Morgan Nalley

Morgan didn't discover Full Ammo until the last show of Spring semester of her junior year. She came back from summer vacation and auditioned because Matt Campbell "made" her and she had the best senior year because of it. So, while her time with the troupe was short, it was jam packed with shows, festivals, fundraisers, and a heck of a lot of laughs. They were laughing, not the audience. Since graduation, she has moved from Cleveland to New York City to work in Film and Television. Morgan is currently a Production Assistant on Season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Outside of work, she is working her way through UCB Improv classes and hangs out far too much with those Penn State Alumni comedians.

Timothy Portnoy

Timothy was one of the founding members of Full Ammo, performing in the troupe’s inaugural show late in his sophomore year.  He spent the next just-over-two years happily bringing comedy to the Penn State Community and doing a damn good job of it, except for one unfortunate incident in which he ruined the best sketch ever.  Tim is now living that sunny LA life. He can be found performing in theatre up and down the west coast.  Also, at the age of 31, Tim has decided to finally teach himself how to type with more than two fingers.  Writing this bio was hard, guys.

Pat lives in Brooklyn and works in the fast-paced and glamorous world of fashion. As a freshman Pat went to the very first Rawr improv festival and thought improv seemed cool, but he didn't join FAI until his senior year. In NYC Pat performs on a regular basis with multiple groups, including The Evente and The Season Finale at the UCB Theater. Please please please follow him on Twitter @patrick_feehan

Zack Martin

Zack performed with Full Ammo from 2011-2014, serving as Vice President in his third year. After graduating with a degree in English, he moved to New York City to study at the UCB Theater. As of 2017, Zack performs comedy at the newly established Reckless Theatre while continuing his training in acting and improv. He can also be seen performing in various basements around Manhattan and Brooklyn, and can be heard as a host on, a Brooklyn-based radio station. He still has a day job.

Clay Dawson

Clay is a former member of Full Ammo Improv, as well as a former member of Second Floor Stand-Up, Penn State's stand-up comedy club, and Phroth, Penn State's humor and satire publication. After graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, Clay took an engineering job at an aerospace manufacturing company in his hometown, and enjoys donating a lot of his free time to helping out his community. While he isn't working or volunteering, Clay likes to develop and carry out plans to take down the international crime superpower "The Syndicate." Some say it's an impossible series of missions, but so is making poached eggs.

Dennis McNamara

Full Ammo's first bureaucratic authoritarian, the presiding rule of Dennis' junta collapsed at the end of the 2011-2012 academic year. Fearing reprisal, Dennis absconded to a remote outpost in the American South. As part of a scheme designed to apply that same quick wit & charm that had been a hallmark of his improv career, Dennis became a public school teacher in inner city Memphis, TN. After two years drinking whiskey in silent existential contemplation inside various dilapidated 19th century blues halls, Dennis returned to New York City in mid-2014. Now, a corporate shill, Dennis spends his days peddling disruptive technology to public school district health departments across the United States.

Byron Fay

Byron is a lawyer who represents Australia in the United Nations Climate Convention negotiations. He joined FullAmmo while on exchange in 2010, and went on to create much loved and well remembered characters, such as "generic European man", "confused man", and, thanks to his kind troupe mates, "obviously not American American man". Byron's love of improv continued in Australia, where he joined a local troupe. He later formed a sketch trio, the Modern Gentlemen, and toured a shows to the Melbourne Fringe Festival and Canberra. He is currently rehearsing for a 24 hour long form improv show, CampRadicool.

Nick Stanisha

Nick was a beloved cast member of Full Ammo Improv between 2011 and 2014. In 2014 he was either Secretary or Treasurer (probably Secretary). However, despite Nick's substantial experience with pens and pencils, his fulfillment of secretarial duties during this year was widely disparaged by friends and critics alike. Since graduating, Nick has moved to Boston where he is employed at MIT as a researcher and software engineer. He hopes to eventually decimate the world's economy by automating centuries-old professions.

Dustin Yenser

Dustin enjoyed two stints as a member of Full Ammo, the first as a Penn State undergrad from 2006 to 2007 and the second as a concerned citizen of State College from 2010 to 2012. He has performed improv semi-professionally with the Associated Mess based in Allentown, PA. On the scripted side of things, Dustin has appeared in numerous plays and musicals with No Refund Theater, Civic Theater of Allentown, Nittany Valley Shakespeare Company, and Methacton Community Theater, as well as providing voice work for the Lehigh County Historical Society. Dustin is also the author and illustrator of "The Day Everything Got Better,” a children’s e-book released in 2015. Dustin taught 5th-8th grade social studies, public speaking, and drama for six years, and is currently teaching high school science in Philadelphia. He is taking classes at Philly Improv Theater and looks forward to continuing his improv career in the city.

Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell was a member of Full Ammo from 2014-2015. He graduated with a degree in Film/Video. Now he works at a post-production house in NYC as an assistant editor. He worked on the new Progressive ads where the box does a calendar shoot, and some other stuff too. He's also working his way through the UCB classes, and performing stand-up at open mics around NYC. He's made at least $27 dollars performing and spent much much more than that to live in NYC so he can perform.

One of Full Ammo’s founding members, Kim Cicconi graduated from Penn State in 2007 with a communications degree that she almost uses regularly today. She’s been a go-go dancer, a puppet-maker, an actor-combatant, a cosplayer and a mall-Santa’s elf in and around the city of Brotherly Love. Her greatest challenge to date has been her bitter struggle against arch-nemesis and romantic rival Penny Alfredo, the Philadelphia burlesque performer and smut-peddler that is absolutely not Kim in a wig.

Val Smith

Val joined Full Ammo during her second semester freshman year and was a member from 2013-2016. After graduating with degrees in English and History, Val fled the cold to live in Atlanta, Georgia where she hasn’t seen a snowflake in ages. She took a job at Georgia Aquarium as a Volunteer Programs Specialist. She spends her time staring at whale sharks and developing volunteer opportunities for youths. As a result, she often feels old and has started to say “YAAAS” a lot to compensate.

Michael Regan

Michael joined Full Ammo the first semester of his Freshman year in 2012 and stayed in until graduating in 2016 (and a little after). He was raised in State College so he stuck around after graduating from Penn State with a degree in Interdisciplinary Digital Studio. It’s ok, he doesn’t know what it means either. Something to do with art and computers. Please hire him.

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